What is DOM Surcharge/tips dt 060617?

State Bank of India (SBI) levies  a surcharge to its customers who transact using SBI Debit Cards. SBI calls this surcharge as DOM surcharge. Let’s find out What is DOM Surcharge/tips dt?

What is DOM Surcharge/tips dt?

DOM surcharge + Service Tax is a charge, SBI levies a surcharge, if you cross the limit of number of Internet Banking transactions. For this, you don’t have to have an active Internet Banking. Number of Internet Banking transactions is total of your ATM withdrawals per month, including Free and Paid both; Number of transactions on e-commerce or merchant using Debit card or Internet banking.

On your Bank Account Statement, if you a charge as DOM Surcharge/tips dt 060617, it’s for your transaction at a Petrol Pump using SBI Debit Card. In  DOM Surcharge/tips dt 060617, date would be the one on which your account is getting debited.

Many of us are not aware of this surcharge; and, we get really disappointed, when we see 2.5% or 2.7% surcharge has been deducted on transactions done via debit cards. This is not a new thing. SBI has a limit on withdrawals in branch, ATM; and, they also limit transactions in Internet Banking since long back.

However, you could avail all the facilities for free in SBI, if  you maintain Minimum Average Balance Rs.1.00 Lakh in your Account. As SBI offers incentives for it’s premium customers.

For which Transactions will you be charged as DOM Surcharge/tips dt 060617?

This is charged for petrol pump transactions via SBI Debit Card only. SBI DOM Surcharge comes under Domestic transaction charges during Point of Sale (PoS) or e-commerce transactions through SBI Debit Card used at fuel stations in India. Following are the details. You could also check the same on SBI official Website.

  • For transactions using SBI Debit Cards on SBI’s PoS terminals:
    • 0.75% of transaction value for transactions up to Rs. 2,000.00 or Rs. 10.00; whichever is higher
    • 1% of transaction value for transactions above Rs. 2,000.00
  • For transactions using SBI Debit Cards on other Banks’ PoS terminals:
    • 2.5% of transaction value or Rs. 10.00; whichever is higher

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