SBI has Revised IMPS Transfer Charges after GST Implementation

SBI has Revised IMPS Transfer Charges after GST Implementation. To promote small ticket size transactions, SBI has waived off IMPS charges for transfer upto Rs.1000.00.

SBI has Revised IMPS Transfer Charges after GST Implementation:

SBI has Revised IMPS Transfer Charges after GST Implementation

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Public View About SBI Revised IMPS transfer Charges after GST :

General Public seems to be very unhappy with SBI decisions of increasing charges for almost everything. They say, SBI is ready to loose it’s name, fame and trust of consumers. SBI is now on the way to be a bank for rich people. Now, for people, SBI is a dream of distant. People also saying that SBI is plundering common man’s money.

Non-Supportive attitude of SBI towards Digital India:

As per people in the country, SBI is going against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India Campaign. SBI as a bank should promote online transactions. People say, support the Government by promoting E-Banking; and, not by making business out of it. People want CCI (Competition Commission of India) to interfere and control SBI.

General public taunting SBI that instead of “Small Ticket Size Transactions”, why don’t SBI make it “Nano Ticket Size Transactions” by bringing it down to Re.1.00.

In short, general public in the country is not happy with the SBI’s decisions of increasing charges every now and then. SBI use to considered as a bank for poor people or bank for most of the Indian Citizen. But, now people those who can afford to move to private banks are moving from SBI with all their accounts without even a second thought. They say, that its better to move to a private bank with higher charges, atleast private bank gives good customer service unlike SBI. SBI staff talks to their customers in very ill manner, as if customers are asking for SBI Staff’s belongings and not their own.

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