Indian Passports not a valid Proof of Address – MEA Says

Indian Passports not a valid Proof of Address. Here is the reason for this. The External Affairs Ministry is planning not to print the last page of the passport with the address of the holder. Therefore, Indian Passports may not be substantial as an address proof.

On the last page on Indian Passport, you will see the names of father or legal guardian’s, mother and Spouse. You will also see the address on the last page of the Passport.

Indian Passports not a valid Proof of Address – MEA Says:

As per the suggestion of three-member board, this move is on the plans of MEA. Authorities from Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Women and Child Development were the members of this panel.

This board gave a thought on various issues “pertaining to passport applications including examination of where mother/child had insisted that the name of the father should not be mentioned in the passport. Also, relating to passport issues to children with a single parent and adopted children”.

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Following are the bullet points of their suggestion on the basis of their discussion:

  • Henceforth, printing of the last page of the Passport would and other travel documents issued under the Passports Act, 1967 and Passport Rules, 1980; would stop printing.
  • The last page of the identification would stop printing, henceforth. Those who have their passports with ECR (Emigration Check Required) status, they would get their passport with an orange cover on it. And, those with non-ECR status would keep on getting a blue cover on their Passports.

New Passport Booklet:

In due course, planning of the new passport booklet will be done by The Indian Security Press (ISP), Nasik.

Till the time, the new Passport booklets are outlined, fabricated and made accessible to the ministry by ISP, Nashik; the passport and other travel documents would keep on being printed with the last page.

The current passport would keep on remaining legitimate till the date of expiry imprinted on the Passport booklet.

Wise Words:

This is the how a passport should be. Passports should just say the nationality and travel records. It’s better not to use the passport for address verification. We can’t continue changing our passport everytime we change our residential address due to job relocation or many other personal reasons.

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