How to Buy & Sell Digital Gold?

Buying & Selling Gold was never so easy. Now, you can Buy & Sell Digital Gold anytime, anywhere. MMTC-PAMP in association with PayTm has brought a Gold Accumulation Plan.

What is Digital Gold?

Digital Gold is an e-Gold. You can buy & sell digital gold at best price online, anytime, anywhere. Also, if you don’t want to sell your digital gold, you can request for delivery at your address as well.

Benefits of Digital Gold?

  1. You get it at Global Market Linked prices in Real Time.
  2. The seller from which you will buy digital gold is a Trusted Seller, MMTC-PAMP; only Internationally Accredited Refiner in India.
  3. 24K 999.9 Fine and Pure Gold.
  4. MMTC-PAMP Certified.
  5. No need to worry for the lockers to keep your digital gold safe. It’s 100% insured in MMTC_PAMP Vault.
  6. You can buy & sell digital gold effortlessly in no time at all.
  7. You have an option to buy & sell digital gold 24 X 7, 365 (+1) Days.
  8. Also, you can get your digital gold delivered anytime, anywhere.
  9. Now, you can buy and store digital gold for any amount, under MMTC-PAMP Gold Accumulation Plan.
  10. Buying & selling Gold is now hassle free unlike traditional ways.

How to Buy & Sell Digital Gold? How does it works?

  • Buy Gold:

    Buy 24K 999.9 Pure Gold at Real Time, Global Market Linked Price, anytime, anywhere.

  • Store:

    Maintain your digital gold balance online. Gold bought by you is in the 100% insured lockers of MMTC-PAMP.

  • Sell or Get Digital Gold Delivered:

    You can choose to sell your digital gold which you have in MMTC-PAMP Locker; or, get the delivery of the same to your doorstep through Trusted Courier Partners.

How to Buy Digital Gold?

  • Visit PayTm App.
  • Tap “Gold”.
  • You will see the screen with “how it works?”. At the bottom, tap on Proceed.
  • On next screen, you will see your name, and, you need to enter your area Pin Code. Once done, tap on proceed.
  • Select “Buy Gold”.
  • Here, you will see Live Price of Gold which is as per global Market.
  • Choose the option to buy gold in Grams or in Rupees. And, tap on “Proceed”.

Buy & Sell Digital Gold

  • Fill in the details as per your selection. And, proceed to pay.
  • On successful payment, you will see a “Congratulation” message on screen. So, now, the precious metal Gold is yours.

How to Sell Digital Gold?

  • Tap on “Gold” in your PayTm App.
  • Select “Sell Gold”
  • Choose the option to sell in Grams or in Rupees.

Buy & Sell Digital Gold

  • Enter your Bank Details, and proceed.
  • You will get credit equal to your sold gold value in 48 hours.

How to get Delivery of your Digital Gold?

  • Select “Request Delivery”

Buy & Sell Digital Gold

  • Choose your Gold Coin. Making Charges are applicable. The catalogue for the delivery has the following three options:
    • Lotus Round Coin
    • Lotus Rectangular CoinBuy & Sell Digital Gold
    • Rectangular Pendants with Rasi or Zodiac Sign on it.

Buy & Sell Digital Gold

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