Greater Kailash vs Chittaranjan Park- Which is A More Posh Destination?

GK (Greater Kailash) is one of the elite neighborhoods in South Delhi and is home to innumerable private lofts, homes, mansions and apartment complexes which command premium prices. Greater Kailash has a lovely ambience and the streets are wide and peaceful here. There are several leading offices and company quarters present here and Greater Kailash also has a wonderful transportation network courtesy the Delhi Metro, auto rickshaws and the DTC Buses. The costs here are higher in comparison to many other areas when it comes to buy property in Delhi. Let’s see, Greater Kailash vs Chittaranjan Park- Which is A More Posh Destination?

Greater Kailash vs Chittaranjan Park- Which is A More Posh Destination

Greater Kailash:

Greater Kailash is a fitting neighbourhood for the city’s elite. It has an ISKCON Temple, different restaurants, lounges and other shopping, recreational and entertainment zones. Greater Kailash is located just 15.8 km away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport and 14.3 km away from the New Delhi Railway Station. Buying flats in Greater Kailash area is a hugely costly proposition indeed.

Greater Kailash has property prices varying between Rs.15-18,000 per sq. ft. and sometimes even more. Costs in both areas vary with the number of rooms in the apartment, i.e. 1/2/3 bedrooms and other factors like the exact location and nature of the property. The capital values of the localities have been increasing every year with rental costs also zooming up likewise. Greater Kailash has huge rental costs and still remains one of Delhi’s poshest destinations with all the features, amenities and facilities that one would expect.

Chittaranjan Park:

In the surrounding of Chittaranjan Park, the vast area is encompassing other famous localities like Kalkaji, Greater Kailash I and II, Alaknanda and Govindpuri. This area has access to the Airport with the domestic and international terminals 17 and 23 km away from it respectively. The New Delhi railway station is around 16 km away from Chittaranjan Park. The area has excellent social infrastructure and is one of the most prime areas in the Capital. Buying property in Delhi in this locality is also pretty expensive considering the sky high rates here. The average property rates work out to around Rs.16,000 per sq. ft. and even more in some cases.

Greater Kailash vs Chittaranjan Park- Which is A More Posh Destination?

Chittaranjan Park is a posh destination of Delhi but Greater Kailash is definitely the more coveted of the two. CR Park has slightly varying capital values/rental prices in comparison to Greater Kailash. In terms of sheer snob value, Greater Kailash outstrips Chittaranjan Park narrowly; making it a great place to purchase flats in Delhi. If you have the cash and want to flaunt a noteworthy address in the Capital, Greater Kailash is the destination.

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