Government Letter Asking To Link Property To AADHAR Is Fake !!!

The Government Letter Asking To Link Property To AADHAR . The letter has a date of June 15, 2017 on it. The letter was addressing to Chief Secretaries of states and UTs; Additional Chief Secretaries of state and UTs; Lt Governor Delhi and NITI Aayog. Also, a copy of the letter was sent to the Prime Minister’s Office for record to ensure digitization of all land records from 1950 and linking the information to property owners.

 As per the letter, all documents of land records, mutation records, sale and purchase records from 1950 of any immovable property; including agricultural land, needs to be linked to Aadhaar before August 14 this year.

Government Letter Asking To Link Property To AADHAR Is Fake !!!

Government Letter Asking To Link Property To AADHAR

Water Marked Fake Letter

The PIB (Press Information Bureau) said that the government has issued no such letter attributed to Cabinet Secretariat on Digitization of Land Records & subsequent linking of the same to Aadhaar. The letter was fake.

Officials’ Statements :

The district information offices in the state rolled a circular to this effect to the revenue department. As per the revenue department officials; since, digitization of land records was incomplete; therefore, it was not possible to follow the central order.

Officials of the revenue department says that the letter was on a watermark sheet. The move was to take appropriate action against those not linking properties to Aadhaar number under the benami transaction act.

Officers of the settlement commissionerate says that the work of edit module was being carried out; and was in different phases. While, some divisions had speed up the work, there were some problems with the entries. The public reading of records is being carried out to ensure the correct names are entered into the records to bring out an error-free digital document.

“Only after error-free digitized records are uploaded, can they be linked with Aadhaar. We have no notification on the same,” said an official.

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