Get Passport in 10 Days with Aadhaar, Police Verification later

Ministry of External Affairs has decided to simplify the process of issuance of the passport. Now, you can get passport in 10 Days with Aadhaar, police verification will be done later. However, a final decision is yet to be taken whether using Aadhaar will speed up the verification process for issuance of the passport.

Get Passport in 10 Days with Aadhaar, Police verification later:Get Passport in 10 Days

Now, get passport in 10 Days; and, police verification will be done later. All this will be done with the help of your Aadhaar number.

As per new format, the following is the procedure:

  • The applicant will apply online
  • S/he will attach her/his Aadhaar as identity as well as address proof
  • Then, the applicant will get an appointment within three days
  • And, in another seven days, the passport will be processed & dispatched

What if the Applicant doesn’t have an Aadhaar Number?

The MEA has made it mandate to use Aadhaar number for the issuance of passports. If the applicant doesn’t have an Aadhaar card, s/he can use her/his Aadhaar enrolment number since the identity of a person who has enrolled has also been verified.

Police Verification:

As per the new format, to get Passport in 10 Days, police verification will be done at later date. While applying for the passport, the applicant will submit self-declaration on citizenship and criminal cases. This will suffice for a fresh passport issuance without waiting for the police verification report.

Why is Ministry of External Affairs planning to make Aadhaar mandate for the issuance of the passport?

Since the police verification takes a long time in passport issuance process; therefore MEA is simplifying the system by linking passport issuance with Aadhaar number. Hence, the simplified system will help you to get Passport in 10 Days.

Now, the Passport Office will provide the address of the police station, which is responsible for verification at the time of issue of passport. If the applicant provides any wrong declaration in her/his self-declaration; it will result in impounding or revocation of the passport.

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